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We provide Custom Diets to our clients according to their body type, blood group, weight and taste
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Yes, these diets are really effective not only for weight loss but also for maintaining healthy lifestyle.
we also offer diet plans for pcod, pcos and pregnancy.    

It totally depends upon person to person, how seriously he/she is taking our diets without cheating and gives us feedback on time. Our patients usually lose up-to 10-15 kg in a month if they follow our diet schedule properly. Also it depends upon the metabolism of each individual.

No, we neither promote any supplements nor we suggests our patients to try them because we believe that natural diet is enough to maintain healthy lifestyle. Some of our patients have lost up-to  10 - 15 kg in a single month only on 100% vegan diet.

we can assure that if you follow our diet plans strictly without any cheating and provide us your feedback on time of follow ups, then you will definitely meet your goals of weight loss.  

yes we provide bridal diet plans, you can contact us for that too.

Our no refund policy is in place for diet plans, detoxes, and herb mixes due to the personalized nature of these products and services. Once a customer has received access to the diet plan, detox program, or herb mixes, it cannot be returned, resold, or reused by another individual. We strive to provide the best experience and outcomes for our customers, and offering refunds would compromise the integrity of our personalized offerings.

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